Friday, March 29, 2013

No More Google Reader?! Now What?

Yep, I was just as surprised as Caesar to see that Google Reader was going away. But all is not lost! I've linked to Bloglovin and you can continue to follow me there! Bloglovin is super easy to use and really simple to transfer your Reader info over, so you dont lose anything!
Never used a blog reader before? This will simplify your life! You can organize blogs by category, and it will show you whats read and unread! No more scrolling through trying to figure out what you've already seen!
Go ahead, check it out!
Follow on Bloglovin


  1. I've only ever used my blogger dashboard to read blogs...I had no idea that google reader was out there.

    1. I think I spent a year using my blogger dashboard before I found out about Reader. Honestly, its SO much easier to use a reader-type platform. You should check out Bloglovin because I promise it will simplify your life!



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