Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jack Pops!

The other day, I'm reading blogs and come across a post by Kim at Frost Me. She had a variety of ideas for a Jack Skeleton party. You know Jack, from A Nightmare Before Christmas! Kim had posted an idea she found for making Jack Pops from marshmallows. I loved it! Check her post here. However, I like marshmallows, but really only when they are in smores or dipped in some kind of chocolate. The idea of just a plain marshmallow pop was just not that appealing. I modified this awesome idea, and used the template for his body (Check original source out here.) and made Jack Skeleton Oreo Pops!! I'm just giddy with excitement!

How cool is Jack?!
I stuck lollipop sticks in between oreos, then dipped in white chocolate. Once the chocolate was set I piped on his face with royal icing. I originally planned to use an edible food marker, but the chocolate was sweating and made it difficult to draw.
While I was on a roll, I thought I'd bust out a Jack-O-Lantern pop as well!

The chocolate got a little messy, I still haven't mastered this whole chocolate dipping business. However, I think they still turned out awesome, and of course, taste great!
Lets take one more look at Jack...

I'm so proud of him! He was a fun project to do! Try him out yourself for your own Halloween fun!


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  2. The Jack Oreos looks super cool!!! What a great idea for a Halloween party. Have to try it! I also like the idea of the dress on the stick!!

  3. OMG I absolutely Love them and I am so excited you used my template!!! You did a great Job and I added your Picture to my Jack Pops Post !!!

  4. Hi Jessy! I blogged about your super-adorable Jack pops today -

    Thank you for the inspiration! They are TOO cute! : )

  5. I LOVE these!!! Is there a template for his outfit??

  6. Wow Thanks Ladies! You can actually get the template over at The Party Animal. There is a link right above the Jack Pops photo. Its in the text in parentheses. Enjoy!

  7. found the template at Party Animal. My daughter went nuts when she saw these...can't wait to make 'em. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. I have a question about the black gel.... I am going to make about 40 of these ;0 and take them to a party -- wondering if the black gel ever "sets" on the chocolate or if it would be safer to go the marshmallow/pen route...thanks

  9. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I did not use black gel for that exact reason, that it wouldnt set. I actually used black royal icing. If you go to the Wilton website and do a search for Royal Icing there is a recipe on there to make it. Good luck! 40 pops!! Im sure they will turn out great, whichever route you decide to go!

  10. I love these! Nightmare Before Christmas has been my favorite movie for almost 20 years now! I've even got Jack and Sally tattooed on my hands and the man himself (Tim Burton) tattooed on my back. I may have to make these even when it's not Halloween just because they're so awesome!

    1. Ha ha!!! Awesome!!! Glad you liked these! They may still be my favorite Halloween treat yet! Your tats sound freakin awesome btw! Thanks for stopping by!



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