Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Glass Bottom Tiki Hut Cupcake

I have some serious spring fever. Tomorrow we are expected to get another 6 inches of snow, and I cant help but day dream about a beach vacation, gardening in my backyard and simple bright sunlight!  Have you ever seen these tiki huts, with the glass floors, over the water?
Wouldn't it be just a dream to stay in one of these?! These are most definitely on my bucket list!
I was recently talking with a friend of mine about these huts, and some how our emails became obsessed with them! When there is that kind of obsession what else can you do about it but make a cupcake!
Behold, a Glass Bottom Tiki Hut Cupcake!!
Fiji Hut Cupcake
I made blue sugar glass for the bottom, fondant flowers, and a fondant roof. The only thing not edible on this cupcake are the legs holding up the roof.  I tried to make them from fondant, but bamboo skewers worked out better.
 What do you think? Does this cupcake make you want to take a tropical vacation? Am I the only one with spring fever?!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sparkle Safari

I apologize friends, I have been MIA for longer than I planned. Somehow the whole first month of the year got away from me! January is always a busy month, there is a birthday celebration every week in January, including my own.
This year I turned 32, and I wanted to have a theme that represented all of the changes that have recently gone on in my life. I also am budget minded. You may recall this fun Jungle Baby Shower I did a few years back. I still had much of the decorations in storage so I thought, why not go with a Safari theme?
However, plain old safari is not my style. Recently a friend said to me "You're so easy to please! Give you some wine, glitter and twinkle lights and you're set!" Ha! Its so true! With that quote in mind I came up with the Sparkle Safari!

Safari Table
Safari Table Detail
Of course I had to get in on the glittered animal trend!
I picked up some fun animal drink charms and rimmed all of the glasses in edible glitter!
I had to have my signature glitter champagne bottle 
(click HERE, HERE and HERE for a few more examples!)
The classic rosette cake has become my birthday signature too! This was lemon cake with champagne buttercream.
I made the centerpiece tree with some paper and PVC pipe.
Safari Table
Thanks for checking out my birthday party!!

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