Thursday, August 9, 2012

50 Shades of Fabulous

Every year I throw a garden party. I'm a novice gardener, but I like to show off what I manage to grow in my yard. This year, my girlfriends and I were all reading the 50 Shades of Grey books. I thought it would be really fun to create a dinner party with a 50 Shades theme, thus 50 Shades of Fabulous was born!

I set the table up in my backyard starting with a dip dyed ombre table cloth. I was dying for an excuse to try that project!

The centerpiece of the table was full of fun details from the book. I recycled some wine bottles by spray painting them silver and filling them with blush pink roses. The main female character Ana was known for always blushing.  Some other details include the blue/gray tie weaved through the bottles, I folded an origami sailboat to represent The Grace, a glittered pink helicopter to represent Charlie Tango, and a big diamond!

On the other side of the centerpiece was a pair of handcuffs too!
The bottles were tied with leather ribbon and hung from it was glittered hearts with quotes from the books. Quotes like "Laters Baby" "Yes Sir" and a few others.
Christian and Ana were known to drink La Grande Annee Rose Bollinger Champagne. While I would have loved to have a real bottle of it, its a bit out of my price range. I also have a couple of signature party staples, one of which includes a glittered champagne bottle. I glittered up a bottle and included my own Bollinger label.
To keep our drinks from getting too warm outside, I froze raspberries onto zip ties!
Christian and Ana had a night where they drank Bollinger from tea cups, so I made sure to incorporate tea cups.  What better way than to display cupcakes!
Another party staple I have is a rosette cake, so I made sure a sparkling silver one adorned our table!
Tuxedo strawberries were also part of the table, I mean, hey, Christian was described as looking amazing in a tux!

After dinner, drinks, and a bonfire, I also shared my other party staple....a photo booth! We had a few props, including some hand-made masks.  There are too many goofy photos to share, but here is one to sum it all up.
 It truly was 50 Shades of Fabulous!

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