Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Project: Ombre Flower Mirror

Pinterest....oh you devil you. Bringer of amazing ideas that I'll never be able to accomplish! I love when a Pinterest project actually comes together though. I found this pin for an ombre mirror made of spoons! Originally posted at Addicted to Decorating I had to try this project for myself. I already had some wooden wreath forms in the house, so on my next trip to the store I picked up a few boxes of plastic spoons. This was such a fun and easy project! The mirror really gives my hallway a pop of color.  
I mean seriously, can you believe that's all plastic spoons?!
This could become an addiction! I may end up with spoon mirrors all over my house. I can see it now, different size spoon mirrors lining my hallway. Perhaps a giant one in the bedroom! Oh plastic spoons, who knew you were so cool?!

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