Friday, March 29, 2013

No More Google Reader?! Now What?

Yep, I was just as surprised as Caesar to see that Google Reader was going away. But all is not lost! I've linked to Bloglovin and you can continue to follow me there! Bloglovin is super easy to use and really simple to transfer your Reader info over, so you dont lose anything!
Never used a blog reader before? This will simplify your life! You can organize blogs by category, and it will show you whats read and unread! No more scrolling through trying to figure out what you've already seen!
Go ahead, check it out!
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Sock Panda!

I am officially obsessed with monthly subscription boxes! I recently signed up for a new monthly subscription.....SOCKS!! I hate buying socks and the ones I do have are so boring. Sock Panda was my answer!
I just got my first pair and I was so excited I had to show them off!
  March Socks 
Are these not the funnest socks?! I love this subscription!
  March Socks 2 
Who knew?! Socks make me happy!
  March Panda Letter 
The Sock Panda even wrote me a letter! How fun!
  March Sock Panda 
Are you into subscription boxes? Which ones? 
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**Please note: Sock Panda did not ask me or compensate me for writing this post. Im just that excited about new socks!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Star Wars, Unicorns, Glitter, Feathers and Cooking

Sometimes I get the coolest orders! This client was bringing the dessert to a combined birthday party. The two guests of honor were friends with different tastes. One, a chef who was very much into Star Wars (you can see the cupcakes I did for his baby shower HERE) the other a girlie girl who loves unicorns, glitter, feathers and all things girlie. She does have a flair for the interesting (check out the cupcakes I did for her past birthday HERE). When I was offered the chance to make cupcakes for this duo, I had to try it! Check out the mix!

BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Guy Collection BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Girlie Collection BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Chef Coat BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Flat Unicorn BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Chef Darth BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Flower BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Chef Hat BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Glitter Feather BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Darth

BLOG Unicorns and Star Wars Unicorn 
I think the little unicorn is my favorite! What a fun mix of ideas to do, I really enjoyed this order!
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bright Jungle Baby Shower Cupcakes

I've done the jungle theme a few times before (Here and here, and here) but I think these animals have become my favorite yet!

BLOG Zoo Baby Shower Collection BLOG Zoo Baby Shower Baby Faces

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes!

I feel like every time I write a blog post I'm starting it off with "Sorry I've been MIA". Sooo, ummmm....sorry? But I've had a lot of changes going on these days. One of those changes involves my Facebook status going from "In a relationship" to "single."
I have a new roommate, coincidentally also named Jessica! Here we are on a roomie date night!
Me and Jess
In addition to having a new roomie, I've become somewhat of a dog hoarder. Shortly before Jess moved in, I signed up with Underdog Rescue to be a foster mom! Currently, I am fostering a little Chihuahua named Sausage. He's actually been dubbed Sausage McMuffin, or Muffin for short. He's a spunky little guy and has been a complete joy to have in my home! He is a puppy mill survivor and to see the changes in him over the last month or so, gosh, I am so blessed! He went from being this shy, scared little guy to a spunky fun loving pup! And in such a short time! Muffin has a family interested in adopting him now, so I am crossing my fingers he finds his forever home!
Why am I a dog hoarder then? Well, as it turns out, I have 2 dogs, plus 1 foster, and Jess has 2 dogs. So, here we are, a couple of single dog hoarding ladies. You know they say that dogs are good judges of character, so all of our future dates will have a panel of dogs to answer to!
So, now that I have a roommate and a bunch of dogs, I had to rethink that teenie tiny kitchen. There was a coat closet by my backdoor that sometime ago I asked my stepdad to change into a "baking supply closet". Here are a couple of "before" shots of the disorganized closet.

Pantry Before 2
Yeah. It was desperate for revamping. I managed to downsize some supplies, and find some more practical storage for stuff so that I could turn it into a useable pantry for us.
Here is the "in progress" photo.
BLOG Pantry During
 Here are the final shots. I used some storage bins I had on hand and a few bins from the Dollar Store. I put up post-it notes to designate how to organize things. Thats temporary until we see how things work. Then I'll design some more permanent labels. I also plan to upgrade to some better organizers but for now, this seems to be working!
BLOG Pantry After
BLOG Pantry After 4
BLOG Pantry After 3
BLOG Pantry After 2
Total Cost of this revamp: $15
Paint: On hand
Lights: On hand
Bins: $4 at Dollar Store
Chevron Contact Paper: $11 from Amazon
Its a work in progress, but I am proud of the results!
Does spring fever have you doing any spring cleaning or organizing projects?
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