Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes!

I feel like every time I write a blog post I'm starting it off with "Sorry I've been MIA". Sooo, ummmm....sorry? But I've had a lot of changes going on these days. One of those changes involves my Facebook status going from "In a relationship" to "single."
I have a new roommate, coincidentally also named Jessica! Here we are on a roomie date night!
Me and Jess
In addition to having a new roomie, I've become somewhat of a dog hoarder. Shortly before Jess moved in, I signed up with Underdog Rescue to be a foster mom! Currently, I am fostering a little Chihuahua named Sausage. He's actually been dubbed Sausage McMuffin, or Muffin for short. He's a spunky little guy and has been a complete joy to have in my home! He is a puppy mill survivor and to see the changes in him over the last month or so, gosh, I am so blessed! He went from being this shy, scared little guy to a spunky fun loving pup! And in such a short time! Muffin has a family interested in adopting him now, so I am crossing my fingers he finds his forever home!
Why am I a dog hoarder then? Well, as it turns out, I have 2 dogs, plus 1 foster, and Jess has 2 dogs. So, here we are, a couple of single dog hoarding ladies. You know they say that dogs are good judges of character, so all of our future dates will have a panel of dogs to answer to!
So, now that I have a roommate and a bunch of dogs, I had to rethink that teenie tiny kitchen. There was a coat closet by my backdoor that sometime ago I asked my stepdad to change into a "baking supply closet". Here are a couple of "before" shots of the disorganized closet.

Pantry Before 2
Yeah. It was desperate for revamping. I managed to downsize some supplies, and find some more practical storage for stuff so that I could turn it into a useable pantry for us.
Here is the "in progress" photo.
BLOG Pantry During
 Here are the final shots. I used some storage bins I had on hand and a few bins from the Dollar Store. I put up post-it notes to designate how to organize things. Thats temporary until we see how things work. Then I'll design some more permanent labels. I also plan to upgrade to some better organizers but for now, this seems to be working!
BLOG Pantry After
BLOG Pantry After 4
BLOG Pantry After 3
BLOG Pantry After 2
Total Cost of this revamp: $15
Paint: On hand
Lights: On hand
Bins: $4 at Dollar Store
Chevron Contact Paper: $11 from Amazon
Its a work in progress, but I am proud of the results!
Does spring fever have you doing any spring cleaning or organizing projects?
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