Oh hello. I'm Jessy, of Fairytale Frosting.

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Thanks for popping by my blog! Fairytale Frosting started out as a way for me to show my cake decorating experiments with friends and family and grew into a small business and creative outlet for me to share everything and anything that's on my mind! I hope you'll follow along!

Me and My Boys

I live in Minneapolis, one of the "Twin Cities" (fraternal twin cities!). I own my own home which I share with the loves of my life, Caesar and Oliver.
Caesar and Oliver

Caesar is 70 pounds of love love and more love. He has no idea he's a big dog. Oliver is still a pup, causing chaos and keeping life interesting.

I never knew how much having dogs would change my life! I am a big supporter of rescue organizations and pitbull advocacy groups. I'm currently volunteering with Underdog Rescue. (Check them out, we have some seriously cute pups available!)
Oliver and Caesar

Like I said, I started this blog as a way to share my cake decorating experiments. So how did I get into this? A few years ago, a friend of mine talked me into taking cake decorating classes at Michael's. I completed the courses and used any and every opportunity I could to make cakes. Eventually balancing my full time job, learning cakes and taking orders from friends and family became overwhelming. I changed my focus and now I make (and sell in my Etsy shop!) custom fondant cupcake toppers.
I also love to plan a good party! I have a background in Event Planning so from time to time I plan small soirees, usually in my home, and always with a theme!

Culver Baby Shower Safari Table
This is one of my most popular parties. I put this baby shower dessert table together for my best friend who, at the time, was having her first child. You can check out the full story here: The Culver's Jungle Safari

I'm originally from Port Washington, WI.
Wisconsin Love

Minnesota and Wisconsin Love


Remember this show? It took place in my hometown, though it was never filmed there.
Step By Step

A few more random tidbits for you:
~I am a natural red head and obsessed with reading about other red heads, the genetic history, and other random facts unique to those like me. Red and Proud!
~I have a small obsession with Facebook. I tell myself that its not weird, but I don't think I could go days without it. I love being connected with my friends and family.
~I'm kind of a dork. I'm a single girl who loves to craft, scrapbook, and bake stuff. If that doesn't spell dork, I don't know what does.
~I'm not really a fan of my full-time job, but I do it because I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. And no, I don't want to decorate cakes for a living.
~Glitter. We have an intense love affair going on.

Me Gold Party

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