Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Sock Panda!

I am officially obsessed with monthly subscription boxes! I recently signed up for a new monthly subscription.....SOCKS!! I hate buying socks and the ones I do have are so boring. Sock Panda was my answer!
I just got my first pair and I was so excited I had to show them off!
  March Socks 
Are these not the funnest socks?! I love this subscription!
  March Socks 2 
Who knew?! Socks make me happy!
  March Panda Letter 
The Sock Panda even wrote me a letter! How fun!
  March Sock Panda 
Are you into subscription boxes? Which ones? 
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**Please note: Sock Panda did not ask me or compensate me for writing this post. Im just that excited about new socks!

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