Monday, February 13, 2012

Red and Gold Valentine's Day Brunch

Can you tell I'm obsessed with gold? This is my golden year, so, what can I say?!  This weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's Day.  We work opposite shifts during the week, so celebrating tomorrow isn't an option. I hope you find some inspiration from my early Valentine's Day Brunch!

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My first inspiration for this table was found on Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line where Jenny decorated her bedroom with balloons for each year her and her husband were married. I decorated our table with 5 balloons, for the 5 years David and I have been together.

 Look familiar? I was so smitten with my Gold Glitter Champagne Bottle that I decided to create it again but in red!
 Breakfast is David's favorite meal of the day.  I let him sleep in and I made us a heart shaped brunch with some of his favorite foods.
 I was originally inspired by The Paper Mama where Chelsey created these bacon hearts (though hers turned out nicer than mine!)
I also cut sausage into hearts, toast, and an egg bake!
What's a brunch without a selection of beverages right?
I froze passion fruit juice in heart molds to make a frozen mimosa with our strawberry champagne!
I also froze vanilla creamer for our coffee!
For dessert, I made a few things.  First I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls! I was inspired by Poppies at Play who made heart cinnamon rolls from scratch! I, on the other hand, took store bought rolls, unrolled them, and then rerolled them into hearts!
I made Custom Fortune Cookies for us too.  I know, fortune cookies at brunch?! I have no real correlation here other than they were fun! And hey, decorated with red and gold!
What is a special occasion without cupcakes?! I made these red and gold cupcakes to finish off our huge meal! You may also notice that sparkly bonbon....I had a few samples left from Bedazzle My Bonbons and they were a perfect compliment to our sparkly table!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I am SO glad you sent me the link to this-- everything looks simply stunning. I love how your balloons turned out and I need to glitter a champagne bottle asap! Following you on FB now so I can see all your crafty ideas!

  2. It all looks amazing! David is a very lucky man!



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