Monday, February 6, 2012

Smooth Sailing

Ahoy there mateys! Oh wait....I'm not a pirate. But I did just get back from sailing on a giant ship. It might have been a cruise ship but that didn't stop me from "arrrrgggghhh-ing" at people.  (yes, arrrghhh-ing is totally a verb).
I'm back from vacation and would like to share a few fun pics with you! 
David and I in Jamaica with an awesome view of our ship

 Mmmm...ship tastes gooood.
 I went to Hell for my we are in Hell, on Grand Cayman Island.
 Baby Sea Turtles!!
 Elegant night....what can I say, that lobster was outta control. I had to attack it.

Chillin on the Lido Deck with a frozen else would you spend a sunny afternoon on a cruise ship?!

Oh and Grumpy smurf came along. He loved his Red Stripe.

Our vacation was awesome! Stay tuned for some great projects and inspiration!

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