Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personalized Key Holder

When David and I first moved in together, we had a small key hook by the door. It was a framed postcard from when I lived in Scotland.  Three small hooks for our keys. Since then our family has expanded and the clutter by the doorway had become unbearable! One of my projects was to get a key hook that could hold our keys and the dogs leashes. I shopped around but nothing really appealed to me. So I decided to take some spare wood from the garage, scrapbook paper, modge podge, some Dollar Store frames, photos of us, and a few hooks from the hardware store and make my own.
In a matter of hours I had a custom key hook to organize our stuff! Check it out!
Each of us has a photo above our hook so there is no confusion, no mixed up keys, and my favorite, no tangled leashes!
I even embellished it with some Teresa Collins keys!  I spray painted the small frames to go with the colors I chose.
It works out great keeping everything organized! We still need to work on shoes and coats though.....

Junkie handmade projects


  1. Great idea...love the scrapbook paper you used! And your dogs' faces are adorable!

  2. Love it Jessy! Pinned it too :)



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