Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY Paint Stick Plant Markers

In addition to writing my blog, I have also decided to contribute as an examiner for the Minneapolis Edition of  So, what made me decide to become and examiner? Let me be honest with you, as an examiner, I can get paid a little extra money based on things such as page views. Writing this blog has a cost.  What cost you ask? Things such as baking, cooking, and crafting supplies. That stuff adds up.  I love doing it, and happily pay for all of it.  But when I came across this opportunity, I thought hey, why not earn a little money while sharing things I love?
So, what does this mean for you?  This means, from time to time I will post on this blog with a link to my examiner article.  I would love for you to click over to my page and read it there. Don't worry, not all of my content will be there.  Just every once in awhile when something I was already going to blog about makes sense to publish there too.  I love my blog readers and I hope you'll support me in this endeavour too!
So, on to the plant markers! This is my first examiner article, so check it out.....


  1. Good for you and the plant markers are awesome!

  2. Really nice art work!! Last month I tried a project like this and i was amazing. My wife was really amazed as the quality was really great. I got my materials delivered from



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