Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Designer Inspiration: Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Lanterns

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing with you my blogiversary party which included some faux mercury glass lanterns. I had actually made these lanterns earlier in the summer, as I was inspired by these lanterns from Pottery Barn
The tall cylinder ones reminded me of some jars I had in the basement. The round ones reminded me of some candle holders I had picked up at the Dollar Tree. So I thought, why not try my hand at making them?!
I gathered my supplies:
Looking Glass Mirror Spray Paint (I got the Krylon kind at Michaels---use a coupon!): $4
Dollar Store Vases (Free, had them on hand, otherwise a $1 each!)
Clean empty jars (also free! Yay spaghetti and pickles!)
Spray bottle with water
Total Cost: $4 (Since I had most of the supplies on hand already!)
Start by wrapping the outside of the glass with newspaper.
Working, one glass at a time, spritz the inside of your jar with water.
Follow that by spraying inside with the Looking Glass spray paint
Allow to fully dry, and repeat as necessary.
I actually did 3 coats of water/paint to achieve the look I wanted.
I chose not to hang these lanterns but display them on my picnic table.  However, if you'd like to turn yours into hanging ones, you could follow my tutorial on Mason Jar Lanterns. Just make sure that you have a "lip" of some sort to hold the wire in place.
Go ahead, put those old pickle jars to use!


  1. so pretty!! one question...why do you spritz the inside with water? is it to give it a spotty appearance?
    thanks, i was just headed outside to do this when i saw your post on knock off decor!!

  2. just so ya know, i linked back to your blog on my post about my DIY with looking glass :)

  3. Hi, Just wanted to let you know I highlighted your post on my wedding blog today. Check it out at www.theweddinggals.net. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tutorial!

  4. will foil krylon spray paint work as well? i need a gold look

  5. Im not sure, I've never used that type before. I'd love to know how it turns out if you try it!



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