Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY: Mason Jar Lanterns

Let's face it, this season Mason became one popular guy. Mason jars are everywhere. They have that down home appeal that you just cant resist. Yes, I gave into the mason jar love.
For my recent Anniversary Picnic, I made a few mason jar lanterns to hang from the tree branches overhead. They turned out great, I have to admit, I fell in love with Mason.
Go ahead, give in to the Mason attraction....

All you need is a tape measure, some light gauge wire (I just found some around the house. The label was worn, I don't even know what gauge it was), wire cutter, a pliers (you can do it without the pliers though), and mason jars.

Cut yourself 24 inches of wire and wrap around the jar, just below the lip. Twist the two ends together.

I twisted the two pieces of wire together to the end of the pieces to create almost a braided effect. Bend the wires back over the top of the jar, and loop under the existing wire ring.

Twist the tails closed and Taaa Daaa! Mason jar lantern.

Aren't they cute hanging from my tree?

Throw in a candle and you have perfect lighting for any outdoor (or indoor if you'd like) occasion! Come on....Mason is calling your name!

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