Monday, September 13, 2010

Strawberry Anniversary Picnic

August was a busy month! I had a hard time trying to squeeze in my monthly event challenge. I tried to get friends together for a cookout, but it seems August was one of those months that it was impossible to plan anything. However, I did have one date that I could plan a celebration for, no matter how busy things got....our anniversary. David and I have been dating for 4 years on August 28th. I decided to make celebrating that special day, my August event!
I looked around my house for a theme that I could do strictly with things I already owned. Since I've been on a strawberry kick, our strawberry picnic blanket served as the base of my inspiration. Check it out....

I laid the strawberry blanket out, and used some taffeta curtains I had to create a more luxurious and romantic feel.

I added flowers and photos of us.

Everything was of course, strawberry themed. I actually have a set of strawberry serveware, so I took full advantage of that. The strawberry wine is from my favorite winery.

The desserts were of course all strawberry. In the top left is chocolate covered strawberries, which I added a heart design to. Upper right is strawberry pie. Lower left cupcakes with fondant strawberry toppers. Lower right, cake balls made to look like strawberries.

I also made some mason jar lanterns. They are a bit hard to see in this photo, but they created some great ambiance at dusk.

Our picnic was meant to be a romantic evening for two, but we ended up letting the "kids" join us. Here we are, one big happy family. Here's to another four years!



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