Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kitchen Tip: How to Open a Stuck Jar

So there you are, cooking along in your kitchen, and you grab your next ingredient, which just so happens to be in a jar. You twist, you turn, you grab one of those rubber grip things, nothing is opening that jar. You try tapping it on the edge of the counter, or running hot water on it. Nothing. That jar is not going to open for you. Thoughts of smashing it on the ground come to mind, or even completing the recipe without the ingredient.
Well stress no more! I recently learned this great tip while making a roasted red pepper soup.  
 Take out your can opener, and using the bottle opener tip, stick it under the lid of the jar.  Gentle pull until you hear the vacuum release. Remove the bottle opener, and twist the cap right off.  Its so easy, its almost stupid. I cant believe how many times I've wretched my hands trying to get jars open.  Once or twice I've even waited until my boyfriend got home to see if he could open it! Not anymore!! No more stuck jars for me!

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