Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yarn Ball Hanging Decor (DIY!)

Today's tutorial is also from my Sunshine Surprise dessert buffet. You can customize these simple yarn balls into any color you like.
Here is what you need:
Craft Glue
Clothes pins

First start by cutting lengths of yard for your balloons. I used approximately 24 inches of yarn, about 15 lengths per balloon.
Mix equal parts water and glue.

Soak your yard pieces in the glue, and wrap around balloon.
Clip your balloons onto wire hangers with the clothes pins. Allow to dry over night. Make sure to put some newspaper below the balloons to catch drips.

Once dry, pop the balloon, and pull out of center. Don't worry if the shape "deflates". Pull out the balloon and then mold the yard back into shape. I chose to hang a crystal in the center of each ball with fishing line. Try adding paper flowers, butterflies, or just leave them plain.

Aren't they unique hanging over the table? Fun, easy, cheap, and probably most importantly, unexpected!

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