Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enter Eden--Inspiration to Creation!

Its time for the big reveal! Enter Eden, the evening garden party dessert table...Taa Daa!
Let me share some secrets about this table. The table cloth is actually a bed sheet, covered by a sheer curtain, and then yards of brocade fabric draped over it. I already owned all but the brocade. Of course, I got the fabric on sale!
The flower vases are empty wine bottles I was holding onto for just such an occasion!
The food was all handmade and home baked by me! Loads of work, but awesome end result.
My favorite part is the Berries and Bubbly! I served champagne with fruit to create strawberry or blackberry Bellini's. One of the girls even got a little creative and mixed the two together, deee-licious!

Another of one of my favorite details is the food labels. I took macro photos of flowers around my gardens and then "water marked" them with the titles of the food.
Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us for very long. Little more than an hour into the party it started to rain. The ladies helped me bring all the goodies into the house and we decided to quickly reconstruct the table indoors. This is the "indoor version"!
First challenge party is deemed a success! Now the question is, what to do next month??

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  1. I love the colors of the fabric you chose for this party! Can I ask which store you got the turquoise fabric from? Or who manufactured it? It's rich jewel toned color reminds me of an Indian sari.



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