Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Custom Color Cake Stands (DIY!)

I promised in my Sunshine Surprise post, a tutorial on DIY cake stands. Before I get to this super easy (and cheap!) tutorial I have to give a shout out to Kim over at Frost Me! Yesterday she posted some great Fourth of July party ideas, one of which was my Red White and Blue star cookies! Thanks Kim!! You can check her Fourth of July post here. You can see my post on the red, white and blue cookies here.
Now, onto the tutorial!

Dollar Store Trays/Platters
Dollar Store Taper Candle Holders
Spray Paint Primer
Spray Paint in your choice of color
Gorilla Glue (or whatever super glue you prefer)

Begin by covering your workspace, you don't want to get paint on everything! Remove the stickers from your pieces and lay them out on the table.

Using your spray paint primer, begin to paint each piece.

Allow to dry. Flip pieces over and prime the other side.

Allow to dry and repeat process with your color spray paint.

Stack your candle holders and platters, adhere together with super glue. For the base piece, I put the fat side of the candle holder down. However, for the second tier, I put the fat side up, attaching it the base of the top platter. This allows for more platter space on the lower tier.

Keep in mind these platters are NOT food safe! Please remember to line your platters with doilies, or use wrapped items on these trays.

See how having them color coordinated pulls it all together? Your total cost is less than $10, depending on how many trays you decide to make. I can tell you from personal experience, this is addicting!!
Happy Painting!


  1. thanks for the return shout out! Luv your blog too! I love creating homemade stands!

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Did you use any special paint? I didnt know about the paint being food safe or does it matter?

    1. I used regular spray paint. Since thats not really designed for food surfaces its better to be safe than have some chemical leach into your food and make people sick. I dont really know much about it, but I didnt want to take any chances.



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