Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They Have Feet!!

Anyone who has successfully made macaroons exclaims that sentence at least once.
I attempted to make macaroons for the first time for my Enter Eden party.
Aren't they beautiful?! I have been intimidated for months. Everything I have read talks about how finicky they are and how difficult it is to get them just right.

So, I mentally prepared. I knew mine were going to turn out. Lots of deep breaths and positive thinking later, I pulled my first batch out of the oven and did a little happy dance! They have feet! Of course, I was home alone dancing and screaming about feet. Lucky for me my dogs aren't judgemental of my crazy antics!

These babies are just plain macaroons with a simple chocolate ganache filling. I cannot wait to try new flavors! They were so delicious!

Macaroons....I Heart U.


  1. beautiful macarons. congrats on the feet!

  2. LOVE the color and the photo styling!

    Kim @
    party inspiration



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