Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peep Wreath!

Staying true to my past practices, I am sharing with you my holiday fun, after the holiday.  As hard as I try, I just cant get it together to do all of this before a holiday.  I create my desserts and tables to share during the holiday. I would love to have inspired my readers before the event occurs, but alas, I am late again!
Today I share with you my Peep Wreath!  

It was super festive for the few hours it hung.  When the sun started shining on the front of my house, it became very very hot and the peeps started falling off!  It seems the glue didn't hold once it got so hot.  I haven't decided if I should fix the wreath or admit defeat.  Either way, it was cute while it lasted!
Stay tuned for more belated Easter posts!

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