Monday, April 4, 2011

Cupcakes For My Gnomies

Recently, I went on a girls scrapbooking weekend.  The ladies I scrapbook with are an amazing group of women. We've been doing these weekends for awhile now, so we have developed jokes about some pretty random things.  One of which is a love for gnomes.  In honor of spring, and our shared love of these mythical creatures,  I made these cupcakes! Check them out.....You think you gnome, but you have gnome idea!

Gnomes love their toadstools.
I'm obsessed with disco dust!
Speech bubbles for my gnomes....hey, gnomes have stuff to say too.

This guy was a favorite.  The saying, became a weekend favorite too.
Now you gnome what it's all about. Gnome what I'm saying?
This one's for my gnomies!


  1. We have garden gnome overload here in Germany. Never seen them on cupcakes here. Yours are so cute! They would be a huge hit. Ditto the disco dust obsession, btw.

  2. Oh my goodness -- I LOVE those butterflies! And of course...your adorable little gnomes!



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