Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Momma to Be and her Mini-Me!

My dear friend Leslie recently asked me to help her out with some goodies for her sister in law's baby shower. The couple doesn't know what they are having so the theme was blue polka dots and pink flowers. Leslie lives about 6 hours from me but we were getting together for the weekend near the baby shower.  I made cookies for  her as well as fondant decorations she could pop on the cupcakes and cake she planned to make.  Leslie also challenged me to make my first 3-D cake topper.  She wanted a pregnant woman in the likeness of her sister in law.  I've never made one of these figures before, so I was indeed challenged. The cookies were of course the easy part.....
Sweet and simple.
I have been a fan of Sharon Wee's work, so I studied the photographs of her cakes and adorable cake toppers. I managed to create one in a style similar to hers.  I have to admit, I literally jumped up and down for joy when she was finished.  I am just beaming I'm so proud to share her with you.....
I learned so much while making her.  I gained confidence in my own abilities, saw how I could do things better next time, but most importantly to me, I met a challenge head on and succeeded. Its something I've been thinking about a lot these days....meeting challenges that is.  
Check her out close up....
Here is the cake/cupcake tower Leslie did.  How awesome is that tower?  Leslie made it!! How perfect to have everything, including the cupcake tower, coordinate together!

This is by far one of my favorite fan photos.....how cute is that thank you note!  I'm blushing I'm so touched!
Momma to be and her mini me!

Thank you so much ladies for letting me contribute to your adorable shower! A special thank you to Leslie for challenging me to get outside of my comfort zone. Love you girlfriend!


  1. What's good about using cup cakes instead of cakes is that, you don't have to cut them into pieces. You can even also adjust it depending on the number of people present.

  2. You did a great job on the fondant figure! I love the face!

  3. Congratulations for being mom to be! That cake is very fascinating.



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