Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bedroom Update!

Since I just shared with you my kitchen updates, I thought I might share some updates in our bedroom.  We still have a long way to go to achieve the "zen garden" that I want in our room, but we've made some progress that I am really pleased with.  Check out these pics from when we first moved in. 
The awesome white furniture we bought from the sellers with the intent to refinish.  Those curtains, they were left in the room too. Yikes!

Here are some "during" photos, as we painted and added our own things.
 Yep, those dressers are the white ones! We transformed them!
 We did need to buy a bigger comforter.  I am a fan of duvets, so we bought a big fluffy comforter while I searched for a cover we liked.
Check out what our room looks like now....
 We found a duvet cover we liked! I still would like to redo the headboard and change the night stands.  Maybe a few other ideas for that wall I have brewing in my head too.

I love how this half of the room turned out though.  The gallery wall is my favorite.  All of the pictures on the wall were taken by me in our garden last year.  I'm still working on some fun stuff to put in the wall cubes, but for now some of our existing decor works just fine.
Adding the capiz shell lamp also made a huge difference.  The entire ambiance of our room is much more zen, cool, and relaxed.  As you can see I am bold with my paint color choices too.  (Beige/Neutral is too boring for me....but that's just me.  In other people's homes neutral color schemes look amazing!)
I hope you have enjoyed a peek inside my home.  I've got more projects in the works, stay tuned for updates!

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