Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Champagne Wishes and Strawberry Dreams

This weekend I made some really fun cupcakes! I was asked to do cupcakes for a bachelorette party.  The bride's wedding colors were hot pink and green.  The bachelorette party plan was a classy champagne soiree. I was given full creative license on the design....which is always fun for me!  We decided on strawberry cupcakes with a vanilla cream cheese icing.  Check out the design!

I am in love with how these turned out! I tried some new techniques such as using liquid gold to accent almost all of the designs.  Here is a close up of the champagne and strawberry cupcake....

 I hand painted the champagne glass and included my signature strawberry heart.

These individual blooms were accented with gold as well.  I drew designs in royal icing on the leaves and painted them gold as well.  I love the effect!
I made an oversized flower just for the Bride to Be.  You cant really tell in this picture but there is a ribbon with gold painted "Bride To Be" as well.

Last in the collection is my favorite one, the engagement ring.  I made gems from fondant and decorated with disco dust.  I painted the ring band gold as well.  I know sugar gems are popular, but I wanted to create something really sparkly and disco dust has that awesome glitter effect.  What girl doesn't love a little sparkle?!
This is my favorite cupcake collection so far this year!!  Thank you Kelly for the opportunity and the creative freedom!


  1. These are so pretty, Jessy! Having had the opportunity to see these in person, I can tell you that they were even better in person!

  2. These look great! Do you have a technique for making the fondant flowers fold? I have had a hard time because mine always look so stiff!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Kelley....Take an empty egg carton, put a little bit of toilet paper or kleenex in the bottom of one of the egg "holes", and place your flower to dry in that. Then it sort of naturally falls into place. You can move it around a little, add or subtract kleenex, etc to get it to sit how you like. Then when its dry it keeps that shape.
    Also, for the small blossom, I cut it, and then press it in a veiner. The large blossom I cut the petals and used different tools on each petal to get the desired effect. That one I let dry in a small cup.
    Is that what you meant? Email me if you have further questions. =)

  4. Jessy,

    Thank you so much for answering all of my questions! I have really enjoyed starting my blog and learning more about cooking! This has been a big help! Keep up the awesome work because your creations always look amazing!

  5. WOW, these are beautiful works of art!!! How super talented!!! I just keep looking at them, they are so pretty!!!!

  6. I just wanted to let you know I linked to you for my inspiration for a cupcake design I will be posting tomorrow am - www.sweetology101.blogspot.com Thanks!



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