Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Capture: Youth

This week's challenge on You Capture was "Youth". At first, I was unsure about this because my exposure to children is limited. I'm not around them much. So then I got to thinking, children are not the only subject matter that can represent youth. I ended up taking a few more photos than I expected because I was having so much fun!! I also loved the black and white effect too. Check it out....

One of my favorite childhood toys....Troll Dolls!

My very favorite Barbie Doll. I loved her because she wasn't blonde and didn't look like the rest of the Barbies.
Quints! Anybody remember these?
Sweet Secrets....these were my favorite! I carried them everywhere. I also believed them to be magic. I still do. One may end up in my purse now.
This is especially for my friend Robyn. We were obsessed with harp seals, and saving the endangered harp seal. We drew all kinds of pictures and made all kinds of art, all for the love of these seals.
This is actually the original idea I had for my Youth shot. Youth...is fleeting. Now that I'm 30, I'm being shall we say, proactive, about caring for what is now considered my "aging" skin. I am hanging onto my youth by using these products. Clinging to the hope that I will stay young for as long as I possibly can.

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