Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh Lucky Day!

Mark this one on the calendar kids! I actually got a holiday post up before the holiday. Nevermind that its the day before! Actually the reason I was able to pull this off is because David and I have to make our own holidays. Our work schedules don't usually jive well so we often have to "reschedule" holidays. This is the St Patrick's Day table I did for us. Hope it gives you some last minute inspiration!

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I am so lucky to be part of such a talented and generous blogging community. For example, check out the awesome banner on top....That is from the lovely Lindi at Love the Day. I used many more of her St Patrick's Day printables to create the bands on the glassware, the paper rosettes and the photo props!!
The incredibly talented ladies over at Eighteeen 25 created this lucky subway art printable!
I cant get enough of theses printables either! Elixir of Luck labels were provided by the fantastic team at Design Sponge!
Of course, what would a party be without my newest obsession, the Rosette Cake. Beautiful even in kelly green. How lucky is that?!
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I also decided to try these Leprechaun hat pops! They are chocolate dipped marshmallows! These were so easy to make, I'm so proud of them!
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I also took inspiration from the cookie master Sugarbelle. Two of her recent posts inspired my lucky collection. See them both here and here.
We enjoyed a pork and cabbage dinner, Irish soda bread, and of course goodies from this table. On the left side of the table is an assortment of printable photo props and some other fun St Patrick's Day gear to take goofy photos together.
We had a great time sharing our early SPD together. A special thank you to all of these wonderful bloggers who share with the world their brilliant ideas!


  1. holy cow!

    LOVED all the are SO TALENTED!!

    thanks for sharing with us and the link too!


  2. Very nice... I am just new in cake and cupcake decorating and your blog seems give me an idea for my new hobby. Thanks for sharing.



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