Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Capture: Technology

This week's You Capture challenge was "Technology". At first I was uninspired by this challenge, but as the days went on I had a few ideas to share!
My job is full of this Best Buy electronics vending machine! Traveling? Need an ipod? Find a vending machine!
Part of my company's work is to maintain the luggage handling system. This is in the Control Room. These computer screens show us whats going on in the conveyor system. It alerts us to any mechanical or programming issues.

I'm a little behind in technology when it comes to my cell phone. I have a cheap touch screen that I hate. My sister, who is way ahead of me on phones, just upgraded. SHe was kind enough to send me her old Blackberry (because I'm cheap like that). Now I've got to learn how to use it!
Last, but not least, my obsession, Facebook. I think its a prime example of how far technology has come....and how addicting it can be!


  1. That vending machine is hysterical!

  2. Brilliant captures! The vending machine is so cool!



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