Monday, March 21, 2011

You Capture: Emotion in Black & White

This week's You Capture challenge was "Emotion in black and white". I really want to get into more black and white photos, so I was excited. Then I realized, not many people around me enjoy having their photo taken....especially if I'm trying to capture something when they don't realize it. I didn't have a lot of social interaction over the week, outside of work. Creeping around my job trying to capture people's emotions, sure wasn't going to go over well with a bunch of rough neck mechanics!
Then there was an afternoon that I was running an errand to the post office. I walked out, past this line of newspaper boxes. All of the headlines were about the devastation in Japan. It hit me, emotion isn't just on people's faces. Emotions are behind everything we do, say, think, and even read. Looking at rows of newspapers with headlines like these captured emotion for me this week. Its not what I imagined. No children laughing, or sweet elderly couples holding hands. But the emotion is raw, even if its in print.

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