Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wizard of Ozsome!

All of these garden projects I have worked on were leading up to my annual garden party. You may recall some of my previous parties. The first was Enter Eden, followed by the Blogiversary, and last year's 50 Shades of Fabulous! My girlfriends have come to know that I always throw a party with a theme, so they were especially excited when I announced this year's theme was inspired by the Wizard of Oz. My dear friend Melissa dubbed it "Wizard of Ozsome"
The inspiration for this party actually began a few years ago. One of my "long term" garden projects was to transform my ugly concrete into the yellow brick road. I want to create the magical whimsy feel in my yard and the yellow brick road was one way to do it!
Last summer I tried using a yellow tinted concrete stain but it did not achieve the look I wanted. So this year I went over the stain with a darker stain, and then used exterior paint that I sponged onto the sidewalk. The results were fantastic! Here are some before and after pics.


DSCN0535 DSCN0478 
With a sidewalk like that the Wizard of Ozsome party was only natural!
Unfortunately it was really windy that day so my rainbow backdrop didnt look as neat as I would have liked. But the effect was still phenomenal! 

Its not a real party unless I've got glittered wine bottles somewhere!

I had some bricks in the garage that I painted yellow. I used stained glass paint and a Dollar Store vase to create the Emerald City candle centerpiece. The poppies were also handmade out of crepe paper.

The buffet table
I made sure to add some whimsical touches to the buffet as well!

I made the Tin Man from soup cans and designed a custom wine bottle label too!
My Mom had made me a Dorothy inspired hostess apron, which went along perfectly with my current foster dog, Moxie.
We of course had to have a photobooth set up inside too! This is one of my favorite shots of the group.
Lastly, here is another one of my favorite photos that I instagrammed that night.  

This may be my favorite of all of the parties I've thrown! We had such a magical time!
 photo BlogSignaturecopy_zps136f6d8e.jpg

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