Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DIY Garden Globes

Yes, I am still posting about garden stuff even though its October. In my defense it was sunny and 70s here in Minnesota yesterday. Im in denial that its autumn.
Today's project is a Pinterest Win!!! I saw a few tutorials on how to make your own glitter Christmas ornaments and I thought, well, why not turn that into garden art?!
I had purchased some plastic and glass ornaments at Michael's at the end of last season. I had grand intentions of making something cool out of them, but as a lot of projects go, I never got to it. I decided to use them for the garden instead.

BLOG Globes1 
Supplies you will need:
Variety of glass and/or plastic ornaments
Pledge Floor Care Finish Cleaner (I was only able to find this at Wal-Mart)

Supplies not pictured:
Wood dowels that will fit inside your ornaments
Floral wire

To make the glitter globes is really easy. Pour a little bit of the floor care solution into the ornament. Pour a bit of glitter into the ornament. Cover the opening, swish and swirl around until the globe is covered. Add more glitter if needed. Do not add more floor cleaner though, it will make the glitter clumpy.
Set the ornament back in the try to dry. Repeat with all of them. I let mine dry over night.

BLOG Globes2  
To make them into garden stakes, I removed the hanger hooks and kept the cover piece for each ornament. I had to use my Big Bite Hole Punch to make the openings wider to slide the dowel through. I wrapped floral wire around the dowel, thick enough so the ornament piece wouldn't slide down past it.
Once secure, slide your ornament onto the dowel and into the cover. The dowel should hit the top of the ornament for it to sit right. Don't worry, I didn't have any problem with it ruining the glitter finish inside.
You may need to adjust where the wire/cover sit on the dowel.
Once this step is complete, insert your dowel into the ground and......

BLOG Globes3  
VIOLA!!! A beautiful glittery garden globe stake!

BLOG Globes5 
Pretty fun huh?

I am into quirky garden art so I made a few to go around my carousel horse too!
What kind of fun garden art did you make this season?

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  1. I just made 12 of these ornaments for my craft show w/ different glitters. OMG it's soooo awesome!

  2. Where did you get your carousel horse?? I've been looking for one for ages but I can't find one under £150



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