Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Dinosaur Planters

Today the sun is actually shining. If you live in Minnesota, you know, our spring has sucked. Cold, gray, and rain. I was keeping myself busy with lots of crafty things anticipating that someday spring or summer (at this point I didnt care which) would show up.
One of those projects was Dino Planters! These are actually pretty small planters, but they are super fun and easy to do.

DIY Dino Planters  
All you need to start are some plastic dinos. I found these in a $1 toy bin at Wal-mart. I spray painted them blue and yellow.
DIY Dino Planters  
Take a razor blade/box cutter and carefully cut a hole to create the planter opening. I also poked a couple of holes in their bellies for drainage. 
Fill with a little potting soil and a plant and RRRRWWWAAAARRRRR! You have Dinosaur Planters!! 
In case you're curious, I planted moss roses in mine.
What kind of fun garden planters do you have this year?

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