Friday, June 21, 2013

Glow In The Dark Wine Glasses

Yesterday I posted about my DIY Patio Bar but there are a couple of other projects that go along with that. Today's project, glow in the dark wine glasses!!
I wanted some fun wine glasses for the patio, but I didnt want to risk breakage. I picked up some plastic glasses on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond for just under $2 each. Then I headed over to Michaels for the paint to decorate them.

BLOG 2Glow in the Dark Glasses
I grabbed a bottle of the Tulip Glow In The Dark Puffy Paint and got to work!
I decided to tape off the top of the glass for easier cleaning and so you dont have to put your lips on the textured puffy paint when drinking from them.
BLOG 3Glow in the Dark Glasses
I didnt follow any sort of pattern, I just sort of went at it. I did all of the designs freehand off the top of my head.
After "charging" them in the sunlight, this is how they turned out! Its a fun little touch when your patio party stems into the evening hours. 
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