Thursday, June 20, 2013

DIY Patio Bar

Summer has finally arrived and my favorite thing to do is hang out on my patio with friends. Previously I had my picnic table on the patio, but I never really liked how that layout looked and functioned. This season I was determined to come up with a better solution. Then it dawned on me, I had an  old door in the basement collecting dust. It was the perfect size for a bar/buffet!! So I moved the picnic table under one of the trees in my yard and got to work.
I went to Menards and picked up 16 cinder blocks and some construction adhesive.  Here is a picture of the bar in the making.

DIY Patio Bar 
It really was just as simple as gluing and stacking the blocks together! I laid the door across the top, and viola! It was done! Last season I had purchased an outdoor tablecloth on clearance at Big Lots, so I grabbed that to cover the door.
DIY Patio Bar
I also got some picnic tablecloth clips to ensure it stayed in place.
Another fun fact about this set up, I got the bar tool set, brand new in the box, at a garage sale for $5. The wine glasses are another DIY project I'll be featuring soon, and so is the pink lantern! So stay tuned!
I gotta tell you, having this set up has made a world of difference. I had friends over for a cookout and we set up the buffet. Everyone enjoyed dinner comfortably at my picnic table under the tree and we weren't crammed for space. I love how functional this really turned out to be!
Do you have any DIY projects for your patio that just really made a difference in "patio living"?

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