Monday, July 2, 2012

Girl on Fire Nails

There are just too many good books to read this summer! I'm working my way through 50 Shades of Grey (obviously, who isn't?!) and The Hunger Games.  While other, more, shall we say serious, books like In Defense of Food and the Seven Secrets of Synchronicity sit sadly on my nightstand, gathering dust.
To jump on The Hunger Games band wagon I did my interpretation of Girl on Fire nails!
I started by using blue painters tape over my tips, except the ring finger. I then applied the black polish to my nails and removed the tape. I gave my now bare tips a quick coat of white, then topped with China Glaze Electrify. To create the the "flame" on my ring finger I followed this tutorial from Oh So Pretty.  I used white as a base and then layered on Electrify.  
If I did this manicure again, I would do a skinnier tip. The thick glitter tip actually drove me a little bit nuts.  The funny thing is, I have some kind of nail art, or at least plain black nails almost every day, however this particular manicure got tons, and I mean tons of attention...from men. I work with 100+ men, not to mention the countless others I see in the airport hangars, and everyone had a compliment on these nails.  It was insane. It actually made me a little self conscious that so many males were noticing my hands! Ha ha! So if you give this style a shot, be prepared for some attention!
With that said, I have the 3rd book of 50 Shades to finish....brace yourselves, there will be a future post about those books too!

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