Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swanky Parisian Soiree

I am busting at the seams to show you this party! For my November Party Challenge event I hosted a Parisian Inspired Wine Tasting. A few girlfriends came over for a wine and cheese pairing, complete with dessert buffet. Behold the amazingness!
Fortunately, I already have a Paris theme in my living room. I strategically moved furniture around to have my buffet table set up just under my enormous Paris picture. Want to know a great secret? Almost everything on this table was under $1!! But before I get to that, lets marvel at the gingerbread Eiffel Tower!

This is my absolute favorite piece of this event. I spent days baking gingerbread, covering with fondant, and accenting with royal icing. I am quite proud of this baby!

I did two small cakes for this table. However, boring cake stands just did not seem the way to go. So I picked up goblets at the Dollar Store. Spray painted them black, along with a serving tray. Add some gorilla glue and now I have a cake stand ready for this table!

I made shortbread cookies decorated with the theme colors and a few French words (the ones I know of course!)

Brown Sugar and Spice Eiffel Tower cookies were also on the table. Not pictured is French chocolate macaroons, chocolate mousse cups and red wine truffles, all made by yours truly. I know, I'm a busy lady.

Here is the "tasting table" where we samples wines, cheeses, and of course took tasting notes on our favorite pairings.
I made the centerpiece from Dollar Store taper candles, and spray painting wine bottles and beer bottles.
Lets take another look at the table! You can see in this photo the glittery candelabras and in a previous photo, glittered chandeliers, all bought in the "Dollar Spot" at Target.
To run down the cost of decorating this table....
2 Glitter Chandeliers: $2
2 Glitter Candelabras: $2
4 Wine Goblets: $4
2 Serving Trays: $2
2 Taper Candles: $1 (50 cents each at the Dollar Store)
2 Wine Bottles: $0 (already had them, just needed spray paint---which I also already had)
Tablecloths: $0, they are my bedroom curtains
Paris Backdrop: $0, already hanging in my living room.
Paris Title Sign: $0, again, already owned
Total cost to decorate this table: $11, yep you read that right. $11.

This has been my favorite party yet! It was so fun to do! I'm also sharing with you my favorite photo of the night...My two pups, Caesar and Sookie got dressed up for the occasion. We tried to get a good photo together, but they were more interested in giving me kisses.
I hope you enjoyed this party, I think I'm proudest of the party so far!


  1. It looks amazing Jess and I love the sound of red wine truffles!

  2. Wow what wonderful treats! The gingerbread Eiffel Tower is over the top. Love it!

  3. I just give you an award! Come over @ http://lifeinthethriftylane.blogspot.com/2010/11/stylish-blogger-award.html

  4. This is such a beautiful idea. I adore your gingerbread Eiffel Tower and cookies. Where did you find the pretty Eiffel Tower cookie cutter?



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