Monday, November 22, 2010

Princess Parties Aren't Just For Girls!

Recently I was asked to do a cake and cupcakes for a little girl's princess themed birthday. However, the client also wanted cupcakes specifically made for the boys attending so they could feel special too. Sounded like tons of fun, until he gave me the list of allergies. There were three children with allergies. Each one, different of course. I haven't had much exposure to allergies, so I was quite nervous. I scoured blogs and websites dedicated to these subjects. I read everything I could. Then I put together an ingredient list for the parents, just in case. I did a dessert buffet awhile back and this little boy comes up to the table, and asks his mother "Mom, is there any treats up here for me?" And she sighed and said no. He had severe allergies, which I didn't know in advance. I will never forget this poor child standing there, in front of a dessert buffet, which is basically a children's wonderland, and he couldn't touch any of it. It absolutely broke my heart.
When I got this order, I was determined to make sure every child was able to eat something. I have to say, it was a lot of research and me being nervous, but in the end, the children loved the cake and cupcakes and everyone got to enjoy a treat!
This is the princess cake and cupcakes.

I love the stars bursting out of the cake.

These were the cupcakes just for the boys. There were three boys attending, each had a different interest. Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog and Dora the Explorer.
Everyone got to enjoy their treats. That's how a birthday party should be, everyone having their cake and eating it too!

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