Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pumpkins and Candy Corn!

No, I didn't forget to change my calendar. I know its November, and I am still writing about Halloween. But, its how I roll.
So get out your idea notepad and start taking notes for next year!
Check out my Candy Corn Banner!

This banner may be one of my cheapest craft project yet! All you need is some paint chip samples and some ribbon.
Paint chip samples: Free!
Ribbon: Free! (well for me anyway, I had some on hand!) Although you can get this ribbon at Michael's for $0.59 a roll.

All you have to do is cut your paint samples in triangle shapes like candy corn. Punch holes in the sides, and string the ribbon through. Ta da! Candy Corn Banner!
I used color card 20A-4 from the Menards color collection. Ginger Peach, Honey Maple and Autumn Harvest. Fitting names aren't they?

Oh, and I noticed you checking out my pumpkins too. Here's what they look like all pretty and lit up. The middle and left ones were done with patterns from Martha Stewart. The right one was just something random I did. I'll work on being a little more prompt on holiday posts over the next 2 guarantees though!

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