Monday, May 6, 2013

Emerald Green Doors

This season emerald green is the hot color. Little did Panetone know, I was already obsessed with it! Well, ok, maybe obsessed with green in general. The floor plan of my house is mostly green. Including my bedroom. However, my bedroom door and closet door were the standard wood. Blah blah, booooring!
Here's what they looked like before:

Bedroom Doors Makeover
See how lame and boring?

Bedroom Doors Makeover
Meh. Blah.
And then I transformed them with paint!!!! Taaaa Daaaa!!!
Bedroom Doors Makeover
Why no, thats not a different door on the right (my closet). I changed the door knob and I attached Dollar Store frames to the door for architectural detail.
Stay tuned, the door makeover was just the beginning!!

Are you getting in on the emerald green trend? What projects are you turning into this season's hottest color?

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  1. Nice!
    But I think your vent needs some paint too... and the baseboard. Go for it, may as well do everything. It was a lovely change. I. must. paint. my blah doors, as well.

    1. Thank you! I agree about the vent and baseboard. I wanted to see how this turned out first. Also, I was scoping some Pinterest tutorials on making fancy vent covers....if/when I get around to that I'll post an update! Thanks for the feedback!



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