Thursday, June 21, 2012

Butterfly Wing Nail Art

I love butterflies. They are so graceful and delicate. I happen to have 2 butterfly tattoos.  Yep, Im that girl. What can I say, you love what you love right? So I decided to try this butterfly wing inspired nail art.  True to form, I just did my ring finger.
I didn't want to do a traditional French tip so I did sort of an ombre effect.  I layered yellow polish, orange polish and another orangey-yellow polish.  No special technique, I just kept swiping the polish on until I liked the color.
I did the same color technique on my ring finger, over the whole nail instead of just the tip.
Once that dried I used a toothpick and black polish to draw in the wing detail, and then a toothpick with white polish for the dots.
Next time, I'll try a nail art pen or a small brush to do the lines.  They came out a little thicker than I'd have liked with the toothpick.  
I do love the orange and yellow for summertime though!
What is your favorite polish color for summer?

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