Monday, June 18, 2012

Blood Orange Cake

A few years back my sister, friend Heather, and I traveled to Rome, Italy. We were travelers on a budget, so we stopped in a local market to pick up food to pack lunches during our daily sightseeing. We grabbed a bunch of fresh oranges and headed on our way.  We were quite surprised when we peeled the oranges to find them bright red in the center! We had never seen, let alone, eaten blood oranges before.  We were quickly hooked on them and ate them almost every day of our vacation!
Recently I was walking through the grocery store and saw blood oranges on sale.  I bought some and eating that first orange brought me right back to the first park we sat in when we realized what they were. It got me thinking......Do you remember this mouthwatering grapefruit cake I made last year? It is still one of my top favorite cakes, however this year I decided to try it again but with a twist, blood oranges!
This version of the cake was just as heavenly, but with a sweeter, more orange-y taste. I'm not sure which cake I like better they are both so good!
Click HERE to go to the recipe for the grapefruit cake.  All I did was substitute blood orange for all of the grapefruit ingredients. I also added a little orange food coloring to the batter to enhance the color.
Try it out! The original and the new cake are both great summer treats!
What's your favorite summertime dessert?

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