Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest Fail: Tie Dye Roses

I love Pinterest! I find so much inspiration there. I came across this pin about tie dye roses and thought I would try it for myself!

I did a little googling first and found that this whole concept of splitting the rose stem and putting each piece in a different glass of colored water was a pretty popular method. If it works, I'll end up with some awesome roses! So I stopped off at the store and picked up an inexpensive bouquet of white roses.
Using a box cutter I very carefully split the stems and placed in colored water.
Some instructions said to leave for 24 hours in the glasses.  Here is the progress about 6 hours later....
You can see they are starting to take some of the color in! How exciting! I was very optimistic.
However, 24 hours later this is all the color they had absorbed, and most of them were starting to wilt.  A few hardly absorbed any color at all!
Unfortunately I have to categorize this project as a Pinterest Fail. So why share it? Why not! Now you know, these are the kinds of results you may end up with.  Save yourself the trouble and keep your roses white and hopefully in better condition.  I had to throw mine out because they weren't even worth salvaging.
Has anyone else tried this project?  Were you successful?


  1. i did a little more research into this and it turns out that the developers (from Holland) actually "Grow" them and inject the roses with dye whilst still on the vine per se. They use hypodermic needles and syringes to inject different colours into creamy white roses and sell them commercially. I do know that you can dye flowers just as you were doing the more dye you have in the water the more intense the colour. Also, did you do at least six inches up the stem from the bottom? and if you do not want your roses to open up then they need to be kept in a cool place but not too cool that they don't take on the water. just an FYI !

  2. I just tried this yesterday and achieved the same 'fail' results that you did. I think it'd be easier to buy a white silk rose and paint each petal.



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