Monday, April 23, 2012

Decorative Scissors Nail Art

Welcome back from the weekend! Yeah, a little too enthusiastic for a Monday eh? I cant help it, this week my nails are screaming rock 'n' roll! I was cruising the nail polish at Target and came across a matte top coat.  I had to try it! Normally I like my nails extra shiny but trying out the matte trend has been on my to-do list so I picked it up.  This week I decided to do a half matte, half glossy look. Check it out....
 First paint on the hot pink followed by a coat of shiny top coat. I allowed to dry for about an hour. Then I cut strips of blue painters tape. I trimmed the edge of the tape with some decorative scissors from my scrapbooking supplies. Gently press the tape to your fully dry nail, covering about half of the nail with tape. Make sure the decorative edge is sealed down tight. Then coat the exposed nail with black polish, then the matte top coat. Remove tape strips right away, while polish is still wet. This is tricky so be careful not to smudge! Allow to dry completely and you have this rock 'n' roll, shiny 'n' matte, funky manicure!

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