Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fairytale Direction Sign

I am so excited to share this project! We are having an unseasonably warm spring in Minnesota, so I have been anxious to get out in my yard. Its still to early to do much in terms of planting, so I got started on some yard art.  I fell in love with this pin:

(This pin's source isnt accurate. I've tried to find the original source without success. If you know it please message me.)

I have a small corner of my yard that could really use some landscape help this year. I decided to recreate this idea for my yard. (Don't mind the plants around it, I'm working on that later in the season!)
To make this sign, I first chose the names/locations from my favorite books, movies, and real life places. I figured out how many signs I wanted on the post. Fortunately we had lots of random pieces of wood in our garage from other projects. I gave everything a coat of white exterior paint. I searched online for free fonts that matched the places I picked. I adjusted the font sizes as necessary, printed them in the reversed mirror image so it would read correctly when I transferred it. I placed each name ink side down and I used rubbing alcohol to transfer the text onto each board. I just dabbed it on with a cotton ball. Carefully peeling the paper away you will have a light transfer of the text.  Enough to paint over with black paint. I used acrylic craft paint. I gave it a quick coat of sealant before constructing it all.
Do you know where all the places are from?
The Great Valley:  The Land Before Time, a childhood favorite movie for my family
Edinburgh: Scotland. I studied in a nearby town during college. Edinburgh is one of my most favorite places on the entire planet.
Hogwarts: Harry Potter....fan of the books and movies. My sister and I went to the midnight release for a few of the books and all of the movies.
Narnia: The Chronicles of Narnia, another childhood favorite that I loved even more when I read them again as adult. I also loved the movies that have come out so far!
The Ivory Tower: The Neverending Story, probably my most favorite childhood movie. Bastian had to try and make it to the Ivory Tower to save all of Fantasia.
The Shire: Lord of the Rings, books I actually red while studying in Scotland, so its duly sentimental.
Diagon Alley: Again, Harry Potter
Emerald City: Wizard of Oz, my goal is to get shoes just like Dorothy's!
District 12: The Hunger Games, my new love
Rivendell: Another Lord of the Rings reference. This was actually more my favorite place in the movies. It was beautifully portrayed.
Magic Kingdom: I have been to Disney World too many times to count. It is another one of my most favorite places in the world.

I guess you could say that this Pinterest project was a success!

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