Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Burberry Inspired Puppy Party

My little pup Sookie recently turned 3 years old. I put together a small Burberry inspired puppy friendly dessert table! Sookie's leash and collar are faux Burberry print. I decided to incorporate that into her birthday theme.  I cant wait to share the cuteness! Be prepared there are a lot of pictures!
I made this Pup Cake and it was completely dog friendly! 
Sookie loved her slice of cake!
I served her food on a silver platter....exactly how she deserves.
I had a variety of chewy treats
There were also mini pup-cakes!
I couldn't resist these mini donut dog treats!
I did have to include one people friendly treat. Vanilla cupcakes with Burberry cupcake toppers! Check out my Etsy Shop, these toppers are part of a newly listed Luxury Collection!

Both of our dogs loved all of the treats!
Caesar really loved sniffing around the table!
You cant have a birthday without a few birthday photos! Here is my sweet Sookie.
Whats a party without a party hat?!
Here is Sookie rocking her birthday coat! I got it from this fantastic shop 
We had such a fun afternoon. I cant believe my little girl is 3 years old!

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