Friday, February 11, 2011

Cupid Kit

For all of you procrastinators and out there, this Valentine's Day idea is for you!
The Cupid Kit!
Find yourself a simple box. This one is a Macy's box left over from the holidays.

Fill with simple romantic goodies...

1. Bottle of Wine (or your beverage of choice...don't forget a corkscrew!)
2. Two tea light candles (don't forget the lighter or matches)
3. Two glasses (These are Dollar Spot finds, and plastic so no worrying about breakage!)
4. Two candy bars to share (I can't wait to try mine, one is Dark Chocolate with Chili Spices and the other is Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt!)
5. Silk rose petals (another Dollar Spot find!)
6. A blanket

I found this great clip art for candy bar wrappers on Martha Stewart. I also altered it slightly to make a matching wine bottle label.

Spread a blanket on the floor, sprinkle with petals, light the candles, have some wine and enjoy your chocolate selections. If you're lucky enough to live in a state that is warm in February, follow these tips...outside, under the stars!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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