Friday, May 28, 2010


I am obsessed with frickles served at a local watering hole. What are "frickles" you ask? Fried Pickles!! They are amazing! Today I was craving them, but didn't want to make the trip across town to order some. So, I decided to make them myself. I'm justifying them as healthier because they are pan fried instead of deep fried!

Want to make your own? This is all you need! Olive oil, paper towel, bread crumbs, pickles, salt and pepper (yep, my S&P shakers are a palm tree and flamingo!)

Pour your bread crumbs into a bowl (I used 1/2 a cup....could have used less). Season the bread crumbs with salt and pepper. Or, you could get a little crazy like me and use garlic salt.

Drop your pickle into the bread crumbs.

Make sure its fully covered. Repeat with all the slices you wish to make.

Heat oil in a skillet and drop the pickles in.

Be sure to turn them so they brown evenly on both sides. I found just using a fork worked best. The spatula I had was just a bit too big.

Once both sides are browned, drain on a paper towel (see, another "healthy" move!)

Enjoy!! They are especially good dipped in ranch dressing. You'll be hooked. I guarantee it!

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  1. omg, I was so skeptical when my fiance' was making these a few months ago - hello! I am so hooked too! yum!

    Kim @
    party inspiration



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