Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Buffet Fit For An RN

This last weekend I created a dessert buffet for my good friend Kelly. She just graduated from Nursing School and is about to embark on a career as an RN. We decided to for her celebration to use the red cross medic symbol as the theme. Red and white was the color scheme. Check it out!

Kelly wanted to incorporate her nursing text books so instead of traditional boxes to elevate cake stands, we used her books. Can you believe she actually read all of those?! I actually had to put some back on the shelf because it made the stacks too high! Sheesh! That's a lot of reading!

The cake was the centerpiece. I did a an EKG pattern around the base of the cake. It was a huge hit with the other nurses attending the party!

I also did exploding hearts on the top tier. That was fun!

Of course the medic symbol was on all the cupcakes and cookies.

Who can resist red and white cake pops?!

Or chocolate dipped marshmallows....

Or better yet....chocolate dipped oreos!

Also on the menu were cherry slices, licorice, apples, peppermints, shortbread sandwiches with strawberry buttercream filling, and cheesecake filled strawberries. I made all of the goodies myself. Lots of work, but totally worth the end result.
Congrats Kelly! You'll make an amazing RN!

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