Monday, December 3, 2012

Cupcakes and Cocktails Birthday

Recently I did some cupcakes for a 50th birthday party. The theme was "Cupcakes and Cocktails" and the birthday lady had a love of shoes, handbags, martinis and the color red. Here are the cupcakes I did, along with a glitter champagne bottle and rosette cake!

50th Cocktails and Cupcakes 
50th Handbag Cupcake
50th Lipstick Cupcake
50th Martini Cupcake
50th Shoe Cupcake
50th Cocktails and Cupcakes Angle
50th Cocktails and Cupcakes 2


  1. How did you do the shoes? And there is edible glitter? These are so cool!

    1. Thank you! I made the shoes by looking at different tutorials online and then doing it on a smaller scale. Maybe I'll have to post a tutorial myself! Yep, edible glitter, its called "Disco dust" its absolutely AWESOME!

  2. Disco dust is NOT EDIBLE. It is plastic craft glitter and should not be eaten. Disco dust is nothing more than a scrapbooking supply.

    Edible glitter is made from sanding sugar, gum arabic, or gelatin.

    1. Hi Blakescakes,
      You should probably have noticed that this post is from 2012. As someone who has also done cake decorating, you should know that its something that takes time and practice. In the 3 years since this post I have learned that disco dust is non-toxic and CAN be used on cakes. Edible was not the exact correct term, but again, this post clearly states it was when I first learned about it.
      I do not need people such as yourself, who would rather troll the internet and scold people leaving comments on my blog. I showcased my beginning works here, and discussed how I did things. It was a learning process.
      There is an old saying about how if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all.
      Your comment was unnecessary and unwanted. Thanks for stopping by, feel free not to come back again.



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